Arrows for Addison

This is Addison- She is an avid archer. Please read, share & send your arrows to her.
Christina Jones's photo.

She’s Addison and she is nine. A year ago archery was her life. Then brain cancer came hard. It came fast. It is inoperable. Addison battled far longer than the medical community thought. But even the strongest, the happiest, against such a brutal, cruel enemy, eventually. So her parents hold her, and love her, wish they had more time and look for any signs of sunshine amid the darkest days of 100 lifetimes. That’s where you guys come in.

When he read about Addison on Facebook Ray Huff, “Turkulese” was in a tree, pulled a sharpie from his pocket and wrote a simple A for Addison on the arrow he’ll first pull from his quiver all season. Addison’s parents saw it and were lifted, at least for a while. I put an A on my lead arrow and, at least in spirit, I’ll be taking Addison out west for mule deer, soon, then whitetails around home and fall turkeys. Think about this little girl, guys. She’s a daughter. A granddaughter. The little girl who always waved to her neighbors. The kid with the smile and laugh that made the trip to the archery range worth the time, every time. Think about her parents. They’re living through the worst nightmare any of us can imagine and, thankfully, most of us will never comprehend. So, anybody else willing to put a simple A on an arrow or vane? How many states can we add to the Arrows for Addison movement? How many species can be taken with Addison’s arrows in the next year? If we get a good enough showing I’ll share it with her parents. When you’re in your darkest days, the more tiny, slivers of sunshine you can find, the better.

These are working arrows. Ones we’ve hunted with, or at least shot targets with, with an “A”, for Addison, on one of the vanes or feathers.

I know it’s a tough time, to find time, but if you’re in the Wichita area Diamond Archery is at 10502 E. 26th North. That’s north of Cabela’s several blocks, and back to the west. If you’d like to send an arrow, put Arrows for Addison on the address. Many shipping stores have tubes you can buy, or you can make your own. Maybe several of you can go together. It doesn’t even have to be an entire arrow, if it makes shipping easier. Chances are Blake or someone at Diamond archery will cut some down, to make a better wall of support. It’s a hassle, I know, but Addison’s friends and family ARE drawing a lot from what we’ve been doing. This is something that can be in her family for a long, long time. For weeks we’ve been thinking of Addison. Now, it’s time to think of her parents and the future they face. Still, let’s keep the girl in our thoughts, our prayers and in our quivers.

Christina Jones's photo.