Archery Lessons for Beginners in 2017

Flint Bowmen offers basic instruction for the beginning archer throughout the year at a minimal cost. We stress safety at all times when using a bow and arrow. Instructors teach the absolute basics such as how to hold the bow, how to load the arrows, and how to shoot properly. We emphasize the importance of proper stance and repetitiveness that is needed to shoot well and have fun with archery. These lessons are great for families, kids, ladies, or men who want to learn how to shoot a bow for the first time or anyone with very, very little experience and the desire to learn how to shoot a bow correctly. These lessons are not for someone who has been shooting for years and wants to get ready for the Olympics!


Monthly lesson dates beginning in April:

April 12 Wednesday 6 PM
May 18, Thursday 6 PM
June 14, Wednesday 6 PM
July 19, Wednesday 6 PM
August 17, Thursday 6 PM
September 14, Thursday 6 PM
October 4, Wednesday 6 PM
November 9, Thursday 6 PM
December 13, Wednesday 6 PM

People may attend as many lessons as they feel they need. The cost is $5.00 for nonmember children and $8.00 for nonmember adults. We rent bows for $2.00 for those who need them. These lessons usually last about 1.5 hours to 2 hours, if people want to shoot that long.

Please contact Mike Alexander via email at or call 810-406-6531 to let him know you will be there, so we can get enough instructors at each class.  (Please do not do this the day of the lessons though.)

We start right at 6:00PM so please come at least 15-20 minutes early to get signed up.  Please do not show up after 6 PM!