Life Members – Mark & Linda Beaudry

A big thanks and congratulations to our new Life Members –

Mark and Linda Beaudry!


Mark and Linda have been an awesome influence and have led by example at Flint Bowmen for members and kids for over 25 years!

For the past 15+ years Mark has been the Line Captain for our Saturday Kid’s Leagues and Linda has been a part of the constantly busy kitchen team keeping those kids in pretzels, chips, donuts, and all sorts of other goodies.

A few statistics –

  • Mark blew his whistle over 30,000 times during his tenure as Line Captain!

  • Mark stood on his feet on the line for over 700 hours!

  • Linda buttered over 2,502,335 pretzels!  (Ok, that statistic might be made up…)

A picture of all our current (and present at the meeting) Life Members