Tri-County Archery Club Cup



A series of 3D archery shoots at clubs representing local counties.


To foster the brother and sisterhood of archery between the clubs and their respective members.


Each club will add a special shoot to their schedule or decide which previously scheduled shoot will be used as their Tri-County Cup event. Each cup shoot should be a one day only event. No cup events will be scheduled on the same day.


Cup will be awarded to the club with the most over all cup points.

Cup Rules:

1. Each visiting archer is worth 1 cup point.
Visiting archer does not have to be an official “Member” of the club they are representing.
Example – John is a member of club A and shoots at club B. John brings 3 friends. John is worth 4 cup points.

2. Cup points only count for paying shooters.
Example – John is a member of club A and shots at club B. John brings 3 kids. Club B does not charge for kids shooting. John is worth 1 cup point.

3. Cup points only count for visiting archers.
​Example – John is a member of club A. John shoots at club A. John is worth 0 cup points.

4. Archers representing multiple clubs can choose which one they prefer to receive their cup points.

5. Host club will collect the names and total count of visiting archers as part of their archer registration process.
(We will make a uniform sign in sheet for us all to use.)
Names and numbers should be turned in by midnight on the day of the event.

​This page will be updated with the cup counts as totals come in.

Shoot Rules:

Each event will be a 3D archery shoot.
Target type, number of stations, yardages, classifications and scoring systems will all be the decision of each individual host club. Archers do not have to keep score. There are no score based awards.


A traveling trophy / plaque will be awarded to the winner and passed from club to club each year.


Fenton Lakes Sportsman Club – May 12
Land-O-Lakes Bowmen – 
August 19
Flint Bowmen – August 25
Oakland County Sportsmen – July 8