Fun Shoot and Chili Dinner Fundraiser!

6th Annual

Genesis Bow Fun Shoot
Chili Dinner Fundraiser

Saturday, March 14- Starts at 4 PM 



Genesis Bow Shoot

This is meant to be a fun evening.  We will be shooting the clubs genesis bows at bulls-eye targets from 10 yards.  You can use your own arrows or use the clubs.  We will have trophies to pass out to the winners.  The cost is $8.00 for members and $10.00 for nonmembers to shoot.  Member’s kids will be $4.00 and non member’s kids will be $5.00.

Chili Dinner

Once again, this is meant to be a fundraiser.  We will have a number of chili’s to enjoy. There is a minimum cost of $5.00 for a bowl or $10.00 for all-you-can-eat.  We will happily accept extra donations if you really like it!  Let me know if you make a real good chili and you want to donate for this event.

 We need to know in advance how many people are coming so we have enough trophies and enough chili.  Please sign up in the hall by the restroom and let us know how many are coming. 

 Mike Alexander 224-423-2837 or