It’s Kids League Time Again!

Registration Begins August 1st! Follow this link to the registration instructions, sign-up form, and waiver. Here's a great article "How young is too young for Archery?"

Flint Bowmen 2019 Fall 3D League

8 Week League / July - September** This is a great way to warm up and practice for the upcoming deer season!   Hunting set-ups will be no lens, clarifier, or stabilizers longer than 15 inches. No restriction on stabilizer configuration except the length.  Fixed pins and movable sights will shoot in the same class. …

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Flint Bowmen Work Day July 20!

Hello Flint Bowmen and Friends! Summer is in Full Swing!     With that said, our fall leagues will be starting up before we know it. Before then, we have several small projects that we’d like to complete. I know, there is always something to do! We’ve made a lot of progress this year on …

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