2021 League(s) UPDATE

Here is the current plan for Flint Bowmen winter leagues, there is a lot of information, please read carefully.

  • We will be starting winter leagues, January 18th. With the exception of the couples league which will start January 25th.
  • The leagues will run 8 weeks this year.
  • Leagues will be available to NON-members, but they will must shoot at the regularly scheduled league time.
  • 3D league will run on Tuesdays, as normal, and unavailable other days of the week.
  • Spot leagues, will be capped at 28 persons total.
  • If restrictions are lifted, that is the max capacity of the range.
  • Archers will have one week to turn in scores for the league(s) they are shooting.

For members shooting during non-standard league times:

  • League fees and scorecards should be put in the “guest” drop box.
  • Scorecards will be available at the file box located under the thermostats.
  • Our treasurer will handle the financial end, and distribution of scorecards to league captains.
  • Target archers (spots) will not be able to shoot for score on Tuesday afternoons (3-8) and Saturday mornings from (9-1) starting 2/13/2021.
  • We are encouraging members to shoot on off league times to reduce congestion in the club.

Please follow recommended guidelines for combatting covid-19.

We will provide any updates that may come along as the guidelines change.