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3D / Field and Hunter / Broadhead

3D archery generally refers shooting at 3 dimensional life-like targets made from self healing foam in situations which would mimic real life hunting experiences. Early use of the targets was primarily for bowhunting practice but over time, shooting clubs began setting up courses to challenge hunters which led to more competitive venues leading into what we know today as 3D archery.

Most early targets were made to resemble deer but today, manufacturers like Rinehart and Mackenzie make all kinds of animals in various sizes – from skunks to giraffes and everything in-between including dinosaurs and aliens!

Whether you want to shoot for practice or plan on competing, 3D is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family while gaining valuable experience shooting your bow.

Our Outdoor Courses

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When are these leagues scheduled?

In the winter months (starting in January), an indoor 3D league is available.  The targets are setup on our heated indoor course.

Outdoor (3D, Field & Hunter, Broadhead) League Schedule


In the spring, we have multiple outdoor 3D courses which are available for members and non-members to shoot!

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