Congrats Meijer State Game Archers!

Big congratulations go out to all of the Flint Bowmen members who  participated in the Meijer State Games this past weekend.  Here is a list of who we know –

Brenden Tallmadge – Gold
Kaylen Tallmadge – Gold
Everett Starr – Gold
Rocky Cummings – Gold
Rocky Cummings Jr. – Gold
Allison Prentice – Gold
Emerson Starr – Silver
Urs Geiger – Silver
Kyle Barr – Bronze

It’s time to get busy!

Hello Flint Bowmen Members!!

Just like anything else you’d like to keep nice, there is some work involved in keeping it maintained.

We are having a tree cutting contest.…. just kidding!!! 

It is more just cutting down, or soon to be down trees on the F.B. property to keep trails/ranges safe.

Anyone willing to come out, your help would be very much appreciated!  We will meet at the club on Saturday Feb. 23rd at 900 AM.

If you have your own equipment (i.e. Chainsaw, or other equipment) feel free to bring it.

Lunch provided at noon!!

NOTE: Free hardwood available to members from wood cut on planned work days!  Joel Keeler, F.B Work Coordinator (810) 247-0386

Flint Bowmen Spaghetti Dinner!

Flint Bowmen Spaghetti Dinner

Flint Senior Games @ Flint Bowmen

Flint Bowmen Senior Games

Flint Senior Games @ Flint Bowmen

Flint Bowmen Senior Games

Fitness Guide to Archery for Beginners



By Dominic Acito

The most common sports in high school are usually football, basketball

and track, but although those might be popular, there are plenty of

other interesting sports with which you could get involved. Archery, for

instance, is relatively easy to learn and excel at, and who doesn’t like

the idea of shooting things with arrows like Robin Hood or Katniss

Everdeen? Archery has been around for thousands of years, first as a

practical method of hunting or warfare and then as a competitive

sport. And while it might not appear to be that athletic at first, archery

does require you to keep in good shape, just like other sports.

Read the full article here

Winter Leagues!

Flint Bowmen Winter Leagues