For Beginners

Archery Lessons for Beginners 2018

Flint Bowmen offers two different options for basic instruction in beginner archery: private lessons and beginner archery classes.  With every instruction opportunity we stress safety at all times.  Instructors teach the basics:  how to hold the bow, how to load the arrows, and how to shoot properly.  In addition, we emphasize the importance of proper stance, practice, and the repetitiveness that is needed to shoot well and have fun with archery.  These lessons are great for families, kids, or adults who want to learn the fundamentals of archery.  These lessons are not for someone who has been shooting for years and wants to get ready for the Olympics!

Beginner Archery Classes are offered on a monthly basis:

  • April 11 Wednesday 6 PM
  • May 16, Wednesday 6 PM
  • June 13, Wednesday 6 PM
  • July 11, Wednesday 6 PM
  • August 8, Wednesday 6 PM
  • September 12, Wednesday 6 PM  (Corrected 9/3/2018)
  • October 4, Thursday 6 PM
  • November 1, Thursday 6 PM
  • December 12, Wednesday 6 PM

People may attend as many lessons as they feel they need. The cost is $5.00 for nonmember children and $8.00 for nonmember adults. We rent bows for $2.00 for those who need them.

These lessons usually last 1.5 hours up to 2 hours, if people want to shoot that long. Please email or call Mike Alexander at or 224-423-2837 to let him know you plan to attend so we can get enough instructors at each class.  Please do this several days before the day of class, doing it the day of class doesn’t help us prepare.