Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should I join Flint Bowmen?
A: By joining Flint Bowmen, you have access to our heated indoor range or a target filled outdoor range 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  (except for scheduled events)

Q: How much does it cost to join Flint Bowmen?
A: It really depends on when you join during the year.  The amount is prorated from $130 in January down to $80 in November and December.  When joining in November and December, you’re automatically eligible for the $50 rate for the next year.  More details can be found on our About  page.

Q: Are my spouse and children members when I join?
A: Yes, your spouse is automatically a member as well as all of your immediate children under the age of 18.  Upon turning 18, that child would need to pay $50 for a membership assuming they work the requisite 20 hours.

Q: If I am a member, can I bring a friend to shoot?
A: Yes!  Friends are more than welcome.  If shooting in a league they will be responsible to pay the league fee for non-members, if shooting a range with you, adults need to pay a $5 visitor fee and children are $2.  It’s important that visitors have a waiver on file.  They can be found at the club and should be turned in with the visitor fee.

Q: Do non-hunters shoot at the club?
A: Yes, many of our members and guests shoot target archery simply because then enjoy shooting.


Q: Why should I join a league?
A: Joining a league gets you in the groove of shooting your bow at least once a week for 8 – 12 weeks depending on the league.  It’s a great way to get ready for bow season, spot season, and to make sure you practice around your busy lifestyle.

Q: When shooting a 3D target, how many shots should I take?
A: Unless you completely miss the 3D target, you only get one shot.

Q: When shooting 3D, where do I stand?
A: One of your feet must touch the appropriate colored stake (depends on which class you’re shooting), unless you are in a tree stand or a sign indicates something different.


Q: Are there restrictions on the poundage I can shoot?
A: No restriction.  We only ask that you not draw the bow back higher than the target you are shooting at.  If you must “draw from the sky” you need to consider lowering the poundage on your bow to allow for a horizontal (or nearly) horizontal draw.

Q: Are crossbows allowed at Flint Bowmen?
A: Yes, crossbows are legal on all of our indoor and 3D ranges.

Q: Can I shoot broadheads indoors?
A: Absolutely not.  The only place at Flint Bowmen that broadhead can be used is outdoors on our specially designated broadhead range/targets.