For Groups

Group Lessons for Scouts, Youth Groups, Adult Groups or Organizational Groups

At Flint Bowmen, take advantage of the opportunity for groups of kids or adults to learn basic archery!

We offer group beginner lessons to allow people to experience the enjoyment and the challenge of shooting a bow and arrows.  We stress safety at all times, and our instructors teach the basics; such as, how to hold the bow, how to load the arrows, and how to shoot properly.  In addition, we emphasize the importance of proper stance, practice and the repetitiveness that is needed to shoot well and have fun with archery.

Group lessons can be arranged from April to December, depending on the Flint Bowmen schedule. The cost is $5.00 for nonmember children and $8.00 for nonmember adults.  Bring your own equipment, or you can rent bows and arrows for $2.00.  Lessons typically last 1 ½ – 2 hours.

To lock in a date or for more information, email Mike Alexander at or call 810-240-1338.