Congratulations Lancaster Shooters!


Congratulations to all of our Lancaster Archery Classic shooters with a number of our members making the cuts early in the tournament with great shooting!


Life Members – Mark & Linda Beaudry

A big thanks and congratulations to our new Life Members –

Mark and Linda Beaudry!


Mark and Linda have been an awesome influence and have led by example at Flint Bowmen for members and kids for over 25 years!

For the past 15+ years Mark has been the Line Captain for our Saturday Kid’s Leagues and Linda has been a part of the constantly busy kitchen team keeping those kids in pretzels, chips, donuts, and all sorts of other goodies.

A few statistics –

  • Mark blew his whistle over 30,000 times during his tenure as Line Captain!

  • Mark stood on his feet on the line for over 700 hours!

  • Linda buttered over 2,502,335 pretzels!  (Ok, that statistic might be made up…)

A picture of all our current (and present at the meeting) Life Members


Flint Bowmen Annual Meeting 2017

Congratulations to all our winners, hunters, and state record setters!


Hey Kids! 3D Shooting Time!

Want to have an awesome time shooting 3D targets?

For a great time shooting Archery at Flint Bowmen, join us on

  • SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 2017

Shooting begin at 9:00 a.m. (Be there early to sign up!)

  1.  Open to members ($4) and non-members ($5)!
  2.  This is not a league and it is open to the public!!
  3.  Come and shoot one, two or all three of these shoots!
  4.  You will be shooting at different targets with different scoring and will shoot at least 10 rounds of fun packed archery!
  5.  This is an opportunity for you to have fun with your bow while improving your archery skills!
  6. There will be some instruction if you need it!
  7. You did not have to shoot on the kid’s league!

For more information, contact Mike Alexander, (810) 655-5670 or

Download the flyer fbm-kids-non-league-flyer-2017

Archery Lessons for Beginners in 2017

Flint Bowmen offers basic instruction for the beginning archer throughout the year at a minimal cost. We stress safety at all times when using a bow and arrow. Instructors teach the absolute basics such as how to hold the bow, how to load the arrows, and how to shoot properly. We emphasize the importance of proper stance and repetitiveness that is needed to shoot well and have fun with archery. These lessons are great for families, kids, ladies, or men who want to learn how to shoot a bow for the first time or anyone with very, very little experience and the desire to learn how to shoot a bow correctly. These lessons are not for someone who has been shooting for years and wants to get ready for the Olympics!


Monthly lesson dates beginning in April:

April 12 Wednesday 6 PM
May 18, Thursday 6 PM
June 14, Wednesday 6 PM
July 19, Wednesday 6 PM
August 17, Thursday 6 PM
September 14, Thursday 6 PM
October 4, Wednesday 6 PM
November 9, Thursday 6 PM
December 13, Wednesday 6 PM

People may attend as many lessons as they feel they need. The cost is $5.00 for nonmember children and $8.00 for nonmember adults. We rent bows for $2.00 for those who need them. These lessons usually last about 1.5 hours to 2 hours, if people want to shoot that long.

Please contact Mike Alexander via email at or call 810-406-6531 to let him know you will be there, so we can get enough instructors at each class.  (Please do not do this the day of the lessons though.)

We start right at 6:00PM so please come at least 15-20 minutes early to get signed up.  Please do not show up after 6 PM!

SVAA 600

Great time this weekend at Flint Bowmen while hosting the Saginaw Valley Archery Association shoot (SVAA).  Thanks to all the great shooters, the helpers, and Jim Grubba for making this weekend a lot of fun and very successful!


Couples League – First Night!


Arrows for Addison

This is Addison- She is an avid archer. Please read, share & send your arrows to her.
Christina Jones's photo.

She’s Addison and she is nine. A year ago archery was her life. Then brain cancer came hard. It came fast. It is inoperable. Addison battled far longer than the medical community thought. But even the strongest, the happiest, against such a brutal, cruel enemy, eventually. So her parents hold her, and love her, wish they had more time and look for any signs of sunshine amid the darkest days of 100 lifetimes. That’s where you guys come in.

When he read about Addison on Facebook Ray Huff, “Turkulese” was in a tree, pulled a sharpie from his pocket and wrote a simple A for Addison on the arrow he’ll first pull from his quiver all season. Addison’s parents saw it and were lifted, at least for a while. I put an A on my lead arrow and, at least in spirit, I’ll be taking Addison out west for mule deer, soon, then whitetails around home and fall turkeys. Think about this little girl, guys. She’s a daughter. A granddaughter. The little girl who always waved to her neighbors. The kid with the smile and laugh that made the trip to the archery range worth the time, every time. Think about her parents. They’re living through the worst nightmare any of us can imagine and, thankfully, most of us will never comprehend. So, anybody else willing to put a simple A on an arrow or vane? How many states can we add to the Arrows for Addison movement? How many species can be taken with Addison’s arrows in the next year? If we get a good enough showing I’ll share it with her parents. When you’re in your darkest days, the more tiny, slivers of sunshine you can find, the better.

These are working arrows. Ones we’ve hunted with, or at least shot targets with, with an “A”, for Addison, on one of the vanes or feathers.

I know it’s a tough time, to find time, but if you’re in the Wichita area Diamond Archery is at 10502 E. 26th North. That’s north of Cabela’s several blocks, and back to the west. If you’d like to send an arrow, put Arrows for Addison on the address. Many shipping stores have tubes you can buy, or you can make your own. Maybe several of you can go together. It doesn’t even have to be an entire arrow, if it makes shipping easier. Chances are Blake or someone at Diamond archery will cut some down, to make a better wall of support. It’s a hassle, I know, but Addison’s friends and family ARE drawing a lot from what we’ve been doing. This is something that can be in her family for a long, long time. For weeks we’ve been thinking of Addison. Now, it’s time to think of her parents and the future they face. Still, let’s keep the girl in our thoughts, our prayers and in our quivers.

Christina Jones's photo.