Camp Quality – Let kids with cancer be kids again!

Each year Flint Bowmen supports Camp Quality whose mission is to

“Let kids with cancer be kids again”.    

“Camp Quality USA, Inc. provides year-round support programs for children with cancer and their families. The Camp Quality summer camp allows children with cancer to be children again. The program creates stress-free environments that offer exciting activities, foster new friendships and help give children courage, motivation and emotional strength. There are currently 13 active camps across the United States.”

We offer our support in several ways.  First, Flint Bowmen members host an archery session at Camp Copneconic for Camp Quality where we have dozens of kids, who are fighting for their lives, learn how to shoot bows at 3D targets.  The kids are awesome and have a great time learning to shoot a bow.  Flint Bowmen provides the bows, arrows, targets, and coaches.

Secondly, and here is where YOU can help.  Flint Bowmen hosts a weekend 3D shoot on our outdoor courses to benefit Camp Quality and these kids.  The families who participate in Camp Quality at Camp Copneconic and other locations around the state of Michigan already spend $$$ fighting and it’s with YOUR help and successful fundraisers like our 3D shoot that send those kids to camp with little or no cost and support the efforts of Camp Quality who helps these families all year long.


If you enjoy shooting 3D, want to shoot 3D for the first time (we have bows and arrows available for rent at a very low cost) this is your chance to do it while supporting an awesome cause!  If you don’t want to learn how to shoot or don’t want to shoot a bow <gasp!> you can still help and stop by the club on the weekend of the shoot and make a donation which will go directly to Camp Quality.



Archers Match Arrow for Arrow at Warrior Games, forcing a shootout!

Link: Archery Shootout at Warrior Games!


Archery *is* for Everyone!

Warrior Games: Blind veteran competes in archery as sporting event kicks off




SVAA Field & Hunter Round – July 8th!

Come on out to Flint Bowmen on July 8th and test your skills at the Saginaw Valley Archery Association (SVAA) Field and Hunter Round!  It’s open to the public and if you enjoy shooting 3D, while this is different, most folks who love to shoot 3D, *REALLY* like shooting a Field and Hunter Round!  Courses are open at 8am!


Here are a couple of short videos by the NFAA that talk about how to shoot and score a Field and Hunter Round.

NFAA – Fundamentals of a Hunter Round

NFAA – Fundamentals of a Field Round

USA Archery nominates 2017 World Archery Championship Team

USA Archery Nominates 2017 World Archery Championships Team


Archery knows no limits.

17388976_10155157183909583_7576761899979925042_ofrom the USA Archery Facebook page.

No matter what the challenge is, you can overcome it. – Matt Stutzman

The Great Big Story – On Target, shooting arrows without arms.

Maple Syrup Time!

Time to get your pure maple syrup
made from the trees at Flint Bowmen in Grand Blanc!


Take a break from the store bought “syrup” with all of it’s strange ingredients such as (these are real ingredients from a popular store bought syrup) Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Water, Cellulose Gum, Caramel Color, Salt, Sodium Benzoate and Sorbic Acid (Preservatives), Artificial And Natural Flavors including Sodium Hexametaphosphate.

Treat yourself to the “good stuff”!

Syrup made from the trees at Flint Bowmen is ALL NATURAL and doesn’t include all the nonsense listed in the last paragraph! It’s awesome on pancakes, waffles, french toast and anything else you can think to add syrup to!

Pancakes and Maple Syrup

While you’re at it, you’re supporting a local non-profit organization!
It doesn’t get any better than that!

(Well, it might, but this is pretty darn cool.)

Pints are $12.50
Quarts are $25.00

Contact Mike Marrs to get yours today!
(810) 513-3665

Flint Bowmen Club Championships


Classes (Male and Female):

  • Senior aged 62 & over
  • Adult ages 18-61
  • Youth ages 13-17
  • Cub ages 9-12
  • Tyke age 8 & under


  • Barebow: any bow no sight and no release – only gloves, tabs, or fingers
  • Freestyle: any sight, any release and stabilizers
  • Freestyle Limited: any sight, no release – only gloves, tabs, or fingers
  • Traditional: Recurve or Longbow no devices of any kind
  • Bowhunter Freestyle: maximum of 5 pins, release aids, stabilizer not over 12 inches in length, no changes or adjustments can be made to the bow and its related equipment during the competition
  • Bowhunter: maximum of 5 pins, release is limited to gloves, tabs, or fingers; stabilizer under 12 inches; no changes or adjustments can be made to the bow and its related equipment during the competition

Outdoor Club Champion

This championship will consist of three outdoor 14-target 3D courses.  A shooter has to shoot a minimum of two out of the three outdoor 3D shoots to be considered for the Club Champion.  The scores are averaged.  If an archer shoots all three of the courses, their two highest scores will be used to find the archer’s average.

Indoor Club Champion

This championship will consist of three indoor target rounds, a 420, 450 and 600.  A shooter has to shoot a minimum of two out of the three indoor target rounds to be considered for the Club Champion.  Scores will be averaged based on a percentage.  For example, if you shoot a 380 on the 420 round (90%) and you shoot a 420 on the 450 round (93%).  Your average would be 91.5% between the two indoor target rounds.  If all three indoor target rounds are shot, the two highest percentages will be used to find the archer’s average.

 Grand Champion

The Grand Champion is for archers that competed in at least two of the three shoots for BOTH Indoor Club Champion and Outdoor Club Champion.  Scores would be averaged and the highest average will win.

Each class can have a Champion, if an archer meets all the requirements.  If the requirements are not met, then that class will not have a champion for the year.


The Club Champion Shoots have been extended to 2-day shoots, a Saturday and Sunday.

Indoor Club Champion shoots:

  • Feb 25-26, 2017
  • April 29-30, 2017
  • Sept 23-24, 2017

 Outdoor Club Champion shoots:

  • May 27-28, 2017
  • July 8-9, 2017
  • Sept 23-24, 2017

Why we love Archery…