Target Leagues

Indoor Target Leagues

For indoor shooting, archers can try National Field Archery Association (NFAA) rounds at 20 yards. There are two primary “rounds” – or games: the “three spot” target, a multicolored target face with three individual targets; and a “five spot” target, a blue and white target face with five individual targets. If you’re brand new to archery, don’t worry, there are “single spot” versions of both targets available.

When are these leagues scheduled?

Target leagues begin the first week of January and can run for up to 12 weeks.  Flint Bowmen has a number of target leagues, also called “spot” leagues including the following –

  • Early Leagues (10am)
  • Couples League
  • Women’s League
  • 5 & 3 Spot Leagues
  • Fall Youth Leagues
  • Winter Youth League


Outdoor Target Archery

A great video that shows and describes Outdoor Target Archery