Youth Instructional Leagues

Flint Bowmen provides several youth “instructional” leagues throughout the year to help kids develop an interest in and a desire to grow in archery.


We have a number of USA-Archery Certified Instructors and we’re not afraid to use them!

While the #1 goal of the league is safety, it’s followed closely by Having Fun!  New youth archers and experienced youth archers are able to progress and work their way from the 5 yard line to the 15 yard line.  Everybody starts at 5 yards and by hitting certain scores at each shooting line they are able to move back.

League Philosophy

We take care to balance instruction with just having a good time.  Many times too much structure will dull their interest and not enough will prevent them from progressing and we work hard to maintain that balance.

Fall Youth Leagues

For the Fall Youth League, pre-registration starts on August 1st and
it’s critical to pre-register and pre-pay to hold however many spots needed.

Please do NOT reach out or attempt to register prior to August 1st.

These leagues fill up very quickly so do not wait to sign your children up and lock in your day/time.

There are three time slots for fall 8 week youth leagues –

Saturdays, October 12 – December 14, 2019 (banquet)
9:00-11:30 am or 1:00-3:30 pm


Mondays, October 7 – December 2, 2019­ (banquet)
6:00 -8:30 pm

Members $48, Non-members $56      *League fees do not include bow rental*
Bring your own bow or bow rental available – $16 for the 8 week session

Sign up for only one of the time slots.  

If you don’t have a waiver on file for the current calendar year, you must download one and provide it before your kids can shoot at the club.  (We suggest mailing it with your registration!)

Call Lori Smith @ 810-214-1580 (Leave Message) or email at LoSmith69@Charter.Net

Download: Kids League Registration Form – Fall 2019

Download: Flint Bowmen Waiver of Liability

16 thoughts on “Youth Instructional Leagues

    1. There isn’t an age requirement, per-say, though there is a maturity requirement. Generally 5 would be the youngest and if your little ones are able to follow instructions, it should be fine. The instructors will keep an eye on the younger shooters and if they believe there is a safety issue due to somebody just being “not quite ready”, they will take the appropriate steps.

  1. My daughter and 2 or 3 of their friends who LOVE your archery group (I think this will be our third year enrolling) also LOVE cheering for Goodrich Youth Cheer. Sometimes cheer and archery conflict. Is there any way if hey can’t make you normal time frame, they can make it up for that week at a different time frame. 2 of the girls have their own bows.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Unfortunately there is no way to make up a missed league. The only suggestion we can make is that it’s offered 3 times during the week, Monday evening and twice on Saturday, hopefully one of those time slots works.

  2. Hello, I have 2 kids. Boy 10 and girl 7. They both have their own bows. Would they be the $56? Also, is 15 yards the farthest back they go? Thanks

      1. Thank you. I have 5 children including my 17 year old… my youngest is 7. I’m interested in the Saturday early morning session possibly for all of them, I would also need rental for all of them, are their any sibling discounts? Thanks again I will print off the applications tomorrow.

    1. Yes, the link is on this page. The application can be emailed or you can call Lori Smith (number in application), which gets you a number. Ultimately the application and $ gets mailed to the club.

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